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Burlington PT is a physical therapy and bodywork clinic. We help active people resolve injuries and return to doing what they love. We emphasize hands-on treatment approaches and all of our visits are one-on-one. We do not follow a traditional medical model; which means, we work for our clients 100%.

Have you been experiencing pain that has prevented you from doing what you love?! Check out our services to see how we can start your journey to recovery:

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We focus on getting you healthy in order to perform better and thrive in your activities. This means something different to everyone. Whether it is CrossFit, Triathlons, or holding your grandchild, we will get you back doing what you love.


One-on-One Physical Therapy Care.

Every. Single. Visit.

I just completed my second great experience with Brittany- she is awesome! After successfully rehabbing a hamstring injury, this time we worked on recovery from a severe concussion. Brittany took great care in identifying and addressing both physical and mental aspects of recovery. Once again, Brittany served as an invaluable resource!
— TC
Sarah has been amazing to work with! She is helping me train for an endurance event while I continue to recover from an injury. She responds to my texts and emails promptly with answers to my questions. Her knowledge and expertise have made me feel confident that I will meet my goal and recover fully. Sarah is always friendly and engaged which makes the experience even better.
— JCh
I’ve been treated by both Sarah and Brittany at Burlington Physical Therapy and they are both great at what they do. They understand the rigors of strenuous training, what it can do to the body as well as how to keep it running smoothly. To top it off they are both friendly and fun to work with.
— JP
I have complete confidence in this practice. I’ve worked with Brittany twice now, she is professional and pleasant. I’m impressed by how quickly she was able to diagnose my pain each time and work her magic; I’ve learned a lot of great new stretches now, too! Currently leading a very active and pain free life thanks to BPT!
— SH
Sarah and Brittany are amazing! I’ve been treated by both of them for specific issues with my back and ribs, and I’ve also gone to see them for more general body maintenance and recovery sessions. They really understand body mechanics and alignment so they are able to quickly diagnose and treat injuries with a variety of different tools and treatment methods, including massage, cupping, dry needling, and Graston. I leave every appointment with new stretches and exercises to help me strengthen and maintain my body.
— ND
I’ve worked with both Brittany and Sarah on a few issues with my shoulders. Both of them have impressed me with their knowledge, expertise, and thoughtful approach. I do CrossFit regularly 3-5 days a week so it’s great to have such an amazing PT practice readily accessible for the aches and pains that pop up. Highly recommend!
— MA