What to Expect: Treatment Sessions

All of our visits are one-on-one, for one full hour, with a doctor of physical therapy. You will never be double booked or receive than an hour of our time. Our visits focus on effective manual treatment techniques and therapeutic exercises that are individualized to meet your specific needs. With our model of care, we strive to get you better faster and with less physical therapy visits. 

We do offer a 30 minute treatment option geared more towards training recovery and body-work care. This is for individuals without an underlying injury, aggravation, movement deficit, etc.

At Burlington Physical Therapy, time with each patient is spent only on treatments that are not reproducible by yourself.

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One Hour, one-on-one care

We use advanced manual therapy techniques and individualized exercise programs targeting more than symptoms.

We treat the problem.

Our treatment model allows us to spend the time with our clients that they deserve.

What to Expect: Payment

We are a fee-for-service or out-of-network physical therapy clinic. This means that we do not deal directly with insurance companies. Payment is collected at the end of a visit. We will provide you with an invoice with all of the necessary information to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement, should you choose to do so. Reimbursement will depend on your insurance provider. 

Why do we operate this way? 

We operate as an out-of-network provider because being in-network with insurance companies does not match our treatment philosophy. We are not willing to compromise care in order to meet insurance demands. Typical insurance based clinics have to double or triple book patients or decrease treatment times to be profitable. This is not a sacrifice we are willing to make. Our clients are seen for one full hour by a doctor of physical therapy. In many cases, this saves you time and money.

Things to Consider: 

  • Many insurance policies will provide reimbursement directly to you, the consumer, when working with out-of-network medical providers

  • If you have a deductible, you will be paying out of pocket for any medical expenses (including physical therapy) until your deductible is met, even when working with in-network providers. In this situation, a physical therapy evaluation generally costs between $150-180 and a follow up visit $115-125 (See our Examples below)

  • We see our clients 1x/week OR LESS in the majority of cases compared to 2-3x/week by in-network providers (this saves you time AND money)

  • EXAMPLE 1: You have a $1,500 deductible and $50 co-pay due at each PT visit. You go to an insurance based clinic for PT. You are seen 2x/week for 3 weeks for a total of 6 visits. Your co-payments total $300. You then receive a bill for the remainder of your PT visit cost because your deductible isn’t met. Your evaluation cost was $175 and the average re-visits $120, minus the $50 co-pays you already paid; your PT bill is $125 for the evaluation and $70 for revisits (x5) = $475 (plus the $300 co-pays) for a grand total of $775.

  • EXAMPLE 2: You come see us, we are not in-network with your insurance provider. You decide that the quality of care is more important to you and decide to pay up front. You have the same health insurance coverage as listed in example 1. We see you for your evaluation for $150 and then 2 additional follow ups at $120/visits for a grand total of $390. In example 2, you’ve saved money and TIME.

  • You CAN use your health savings or flexible savings account to pay for PT

Please visit our FAQ section for more information on Out-of-Network services  

If QUALITY CARE and EXPERIENCE is important to you, we can help you achieve your goals.