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Brittany Annis PT, DPT, OCS

What hasn’t this girl done?! Lets get to the basic background first...

Brittany is the lead physical therapist at Burlington PT. She obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011 from Ithaca College. She initially started working at an outpatient physical therapy clinic in California, however her east coast roots eventually pulled her back. Prior to moving to Vermont, she was most recently working in Massachusetts in home health and running a solo, cash-based practice at her local CrossFit facility. Brittany has extensive experience working in high volume, insurance-based PT clinics where she held a Director of Rehabilitation position. She eventually became dissatisfied by the high volume of patients she was treating  in a short time span and felt the value of care was suffering because of her limited one-on-one time with each individual. 

Britt is not your average PT. She has extensive training and many certifications in her post education. She is Board Certified and received her Orthopedic Certified Specialist certification in 2014. She also has training and education for dry needling, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and manipulation and numerous other soft tissue techniques. This foundation gives her a wealth of knowledge and understanding in how the human body should move and how to correct deficits when performance is suffering. 

Brittany is an avid CrossFitter who understands high intensity threshold training.  Not only does she understand and treat CrossFitters, this is her personal preferred fitness domain. She also enjoys running and being outdoors; she has competed in numerous obstacle course races and many road races including a marathon. When she isn’t being active, you will find her playing with her pups or geeking out on a crossword puzzle.

Hiking in Acadia National Park

Hiking in Acadia National Park

Sarah Livingston PT, DPT

Sarah received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ithaca College in 2011. She immediately started traveling physical therapy to see the country and work in a variety of settings. Sarah found her niche in the older population and when she moved back to Vermont in 2014, she started working for a local home health agency. 

Sarah has always had a knack for numbers and organization, and it is only fitting that she and Brittany team up to run Burlington PT. Sarah has experience with operating a physical therapy clinic inside of a CrossFit facility and couldn’t be more excited about Burlington PT. You will mostly find her in the shadows of the business performing all of the behind the scenes tasks to make the business run smoothly. As the business progresses, you can expect to find Sarah working more directly with clients. 

Like Brittany, Sarah also found a love for CrossFit and obtained her L1 certification in 2014. She has enjoyed coaching high school young ladies for soccer and softball in their off season training. Sarah is a Vermont native and tries to spend as much time on the mountain as possible whether that is on a bike or on a snowboard. You may also get to pet Sarah’s bulldog, Harvey, should he wake up for long enough for a head rub.

A rare siting of Harvey "smiling"

A rare siting of Harvey "smiling"

Harvey, The Bulldog

Harvey has a smile that only a mother could love. Don't be fooled by his grinch grin, he is quite friendly and too lazy to cause a stir. He enjoys sleeping in, eating, and sneezing in your face if you aren't careful.